Amazing feature coming on Whatsapp! Will be able to edit the message even after sending

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WhatsApp is updating itself to compete with messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. In the past few times, this messaging platform has released a list of features, which have made users hi-tech. In this episode, WhatsApp can offer ‘Edit’ button to its users. If you want to understand the edit button in easy language, then with the help of this people will be able to edit those messages which have been sent. It is said that the edit button was being tested in the beta version of WhatsApp. At present, after sending a message, it can be deleted, but cannot be edited. It is believed that in future this feature can give people a chance to rectify the mistake sent as text.

Wabetainfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp updates, was the first to notice this functionality. It is said that very soon WhatsApp will give its users the ability to correct sent messages. It is said that work on this feature was started 5 years ago, then due to some reasons it was put on hold. Now once again this feature is being tested. Wabetainfo has shared a screenshot related to the editing feature.

It states that after the rollout of the feature, users will see a separate editing button when they pick up the sent message. If the user feels that he has made a mistake in the message, then he will be able to correct his typos and spelling mistakes. If that message is to be copied or forwarded, then the editing option will also appear along with it. At present, if there is a mistake in the message, it can only be deleted. WhatsApp is currently testing this new feature for Android, but it can be brought to iOS and desktop as well.

Recently, there was news that WhatsApp is testing another feature, in which users can quietly come out of a group. At present, if a user exits the group, other members of the group get to know about it in the group. This will not happen after the introduction of the new feature. The new move by the instant messaging app will give people a chance to leave the group without any hesitation. This can definitely prove to be a useful feature for many people.

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