Aliens interest in Ukraine war! Many UFOs seen in the sky of Kiev

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Unidentified Flying Objects i.e. UFOs are the subject of worldwide discussion. In many countries, incidents of UFO sightings keep coming to the fore. There is a lot of talk about this in western countries including America. Videos related to UFOs come to the fore. Now the new name in this list is that of Ukraine. Not one or two, but a large number of UFOs are flying over war-torn Ukraine. Quoting a new preprint paper published by Kiev’s Main Astronomical Observatory, Vice has reported that a large number of UFOs are flying in the sky of Ukraine.

According to the information, in this paper titled ‘Unidentified Airborne Phenomena I’, this has been said on the basis of several incidents. It has been said in the paper that the Observatory has started searching for UFOs from its side. It has been said that UFOs are visible everywhere. Astronomers are observing such objects whose nature is not clear.

The increase in UFO sightings around the world has also alerted governments. In July this year, the US had given its space agency NASA the responsibility of investigating the matter. NASA is forming a team of experts to investigate cases related to UFOs. The space agency will also go through the old cases which are in the public domain. In view of national security, NASA wants to complete the investigation fast that how many cases of UFO sighting are relevant and how much alert is needed in future. It is said that Russia is also investigating cases of UFO sightings.

Although the UFOs being seen in Ukraine are not being linked to the war going on there. America has said that many such objects can also be high-tech military technology of China and Russia. Although now the US Congress also believes that not all UFOs are man-made. In the current paper, two categories of UFOs have been written. One of these has been described by the researchers as a phantom. It is a kind of black body, which absorbs all kinds of radiation falling on it. Researchers say that the speed of UFO was so fast that it was not possible to capture their picture. Despite this, he tried his best to spot the UFO.

It has been told that these objects were seen in the sky at a height of 10 to 12 km, whose size can be from 3 to 12 meters. Although it would be easy to say that these could be rockets, missiles or other weapons used in the conflict. But scientists say it’s not clear what they are.

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