A huge asteroid is coming towards the earth today, another disaster will come tomorrow!

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Asteroids keep passing by the Earth from time to time. Some of these asteroids move at a good distance, while some pass so close that considering them a threat to the earth, space agencies around the world start researching their arrival months in advance. One such asteroid is going to pass near the Earth today, i.e. on 26 August. According to the US space agency, its name is 2022 QP4, which is about the size of a bus.

According to the Asteroid Watch program of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), a huge asteroid is going to pass near Earth on Friday, August 26. Talking about its size, it is a huge 40 feet wide asteroid. JPL has compared it to a bus to explain its size. This asteroid named 2022 QP4 will pass 14,00,000 km away from the Earth, which is the closest distance according to space orbits. For example it is three times the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

2022 QP4 will pass through its closest point to Earth at a speed of 7 kilometers per second or 25,000 kilometers per hour. Apart from this, according to the space agency, it will reach Mars by 31 December 2022.

Not only this, on Saturday, August 27, an asteroid named 2022 QQ4 will pass close to the Earth. JPL says that the size of this 110 feet large asteroid can be compared to an aeroplane. It will pass 5,930,000 km close to our planet and at that time its speed will be 26,000 kmph.

According to NASA JPL, the orbit of an asteroid is calculated by tracing its elliptical path around the Sun. The orbital positions of Near-Earth Objects come from the database of the Minor Planet Center, an internationally recognized clearinghouse for measurements of the positions of small objects. This data is collected by research labs around the world, including significant contributions from amateur observers.