Women of low height can do romance in 4 ways, there will be no confidence in front of the partner

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If your height is less and your partner is taller than you, then you may face some problems while having sex. To solve these problems, we have come here with 4 such easy and interesting tips, with the help of which you can improve your sex life.

boost yourself

When your height is less than your partner, then many times you are unable to fully enjoy sex because of your height. If you want to do doggy style, you can try self booster. For this, keep a pillow under your knees, so that you can fulfill your sex fantasy.


Tips For Couple

When it comes to vintage missionary sex, it can be very difficult, as the legs dangle and it can sometimes be difficult for the receiver to wrap their legs around their partner. Spooning would be better for this, as this position is considered best for people of all heights. This is also an amazing sex position to stimulate your G-spot.

side position

Tips for lovers

In this position, you can always try to stay near the edge of the bed. So that your partner can pull you easily. When you have sex, then due to the high height of your partner, he can lift your legs and pull them towards you, which can make your sex better. For this you can try this position.

try other things

Expert Tips

If you are finding it a bit difficult to have sex because of your short height, then you can try some other things as well. For this you can try for oral sex, dirty talk, object excitement and also use the sensual points of the body. You can also use your fingers to stimulate yourself with your partner. Apart from this, steamy makeout sessions can also be done.