The doctor told the reason for stomach pain in children, parents can never imagine this will happen

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Other Symptoms of Constipation

Other symptoms of chronic constipation include painful urination, abdominal pain, stools in the child’s underwear. A worrisome symptom of this is also blood in the stool.

If the stool continues to accumulate in the stomach and intestines, it causes loss of appetite in the child. In some severe cases, the child may also have cuts and bruises around the anus. This fear causes the child to retain the stool, which is even more dangerous. If the child is unable to urinate, he or she will feel malnourished, unhappy and unhealthy.

What are pediatricians called?

Pediatrician Nihar Parekh says stop giving more milk to the child. The more milk the child drinks, the less will be the desire to eat nutritious things. Parents need to know how much milk their baby should have.

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don’t give it at all

Things made from flour, such as biscuits, play the main role in causing constipation. Apart from this, many parents give their children plain rice. Constipation occurs due to less amount of vegetables in the diet.

what food to feed?

If your child has chronic constipation, you can remedy it by making some changes in his diet. Feed the child a high fiber diet, add some fruits like bananas and figs to his food. The child should move and be active every day. Give him plenty of water.

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even if it’s not good

If the constipation does not get better even after all this, then you can give medicine to the child on the advice of the doctor.

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