Salman Khan promises beautiful and handsome with glowing skin


Gone are the days when men did routine shaves and haircuts to make themselves look attractive. It was a time when male gender was associated with masculinity, so men’s skin care was not considered as important. With the new metrosexual culture, men are now more aware of self-care, body image and hygiene.

Now the new age man is very interested in taking care of his skin. Which is also fine. The skin is the most essential for the human body and works for the protection of both men and women. But what was the need for men to lead such a cultural change that they took care of their skin, hair and bodies? Research and market reports show that instead of attracting women, men want to gain a competitive advantage over other men in career advancement.

Due to the increased need for grooming, some men went so far as to use women’s products because there were no products specifically made for men. In 2005 Emami launched Fair & Handsome, a leading men’s brand for over 15 years. It is designed to work on the tough skin of men. Thanks to these products, men can now set up a grooming regimen.

With its advanced formula, Fair & Handsome Radiance Cream promises to reduce oil production and brighten the skin in 7 days. It protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and gives a youthful appearance. Contains powerful Pro-PeptideTM, which brightens tough men’s skin from within.

On the other hand, Fair & Handsome Face Wash’s Acti-Radiant Technology cleanses the dirt and pollution of the face and provides an instantly radiant, fresh and youthful appearance. Superstar Salman Khan was recently named a Fair and Handsome brand ambassador. As of November 20, a major campaign of this association went live. Get a glimpse of him here.

With a range of honest and handsome products, Emami has given Indian men the chance to not only set up a much-needed skincare routine, but also to feel fresh, beautiful, well-groomed and immensely confident at all times. So it’s time to make your skin beautiful with these products.

Disclaimer: The article was written on behalf of Emami by the Times Internet Spotlight team.