Persistent indigestion is not an early symptom of stomach cancer? Know what experts say


Does stomach cancer affect digestion? Indigestion, ie indigestion, is such a problem that spoils the whole health of a person. In this problem, symptoms like pain or discomfort can be seen in the upper part of the abdomen. Actually, due to malfunction in the digestive system, the problem of indigestion starts. Due to which many times people start adopting medicines and sometimes home remedies to get immediate relief. But do you know that indigestion that occurs every time is not a common problem caused by eating disorders. Sometimes persistent indigestion can also be an early symptom of stomach cancer. In such a situation, let us know what Dr. Mohit Sharma (Senior Consultant and HOD, Medical Oncology) of Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad has to say about this problem.

The stomach is an important part of the digestive system that breaks down food, absorbs nutrients and removes waste from the body. Most cases of stomach cancer begin in the inner cells of the stomach wall from which adenocarcinoma secretes mucus. Let us tell you, the wall of the stomach is made up of 5 main layers – mucosa, submucosa, muscles, sub-serosa and serosa.

How does colon cancer start?
Cancer starts from the innermost layer of the stomach wall and it gradually moves towards the outer layers of the stomach wall. At the onset of stomach cancer, there are often some changes in the mucosa of the stomach. In the early stages of colon cancer, the disease is confined to the mucosa, the first layer. In the loco regional or locally advanced stage, this cancer has reached the sub-mucosa, the second layer of the stomach, or it can also affect the nearby (regional) lymph if the cancer grows. This cancer can reach the rest of the body through lymph or blood. These organs may be the liver, the lining of the stomach, or distant lymph nodes.

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Symptoms of stomach cancer- It is rarely detected in the early symptoms of stomach cancer. Despite this, you can also be alert by seeing these symptoms.
-weight loss
– Abdominal pain
– loss of appetite
Feeling of fullness even after eating a small amount of food
Heartburn or frequent indigestion
– be nauseated
Vomiting, which may or may not contain blood
Jaundice, if the cancer has spread to the liver

colon cancer screening
Some tests are done to detect cancer, after that a treatment plan is made and it is seen whether this treatment is proving effective or not. For this, the patient’s medical history is seen, his physical examination, blood tests, endoscopy and imaging studies, biopsy genet testing is done.

Stomach cancer treatment
The main treatment for resectable colon cancer is surgery. However, chemotherapy/immunotherapy and radiation therapy may also be given along with it. Unreachable cancer is treated with systemic therapy which includes chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy. All cancer treatments can cause some side effects to the patient’s health. It is important for the patient to inform their care team about all these so that they can be managed.

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