Not even death could part them! After the woman died, the man died too


The ending of Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor star film ‘Barfi’ was such an ending that made everyone emotional. At the end of this film showing unconditional love, the main couple is shown saying goodbye to the world at the same time. This kind of love seems a little hard to see in real life, but these days the story of one such real couple is going viral on social media, whose death couldn’t keep them apart for long.

story on the internet
This story shared on Instagram page Humansofny makes everyone emotional. The couple’s daughter told this whole story herself. ‘My father has five daughters. Whenever he came home from a work trip, we all lined up to give him a welcome kiss. But when he came home, he kissed our mother first because she was his first love. It was further told that whenever they all went for a walk or had a party at home, their father always sang old romantic Bollywood songs as his mother loved them. This kind of love was common for daughters, but they knew that it was not common in their culture to express love in this way.

And then the tumor changed life
It was told in the story: ‘My mother liked everything about my father. She was always specially prepared for him. She styled her hair the way her father liked and put on red lipstick together. They were also told how a brain tumor brought a challenge to his life. ‘His tumor was very deep in the brain. After each operation she would become weaker and weaker and this would bring changes in her. She couldn’t walk well, which made her feel ashamed, so wherever they went, their father always held their hand. He sat down by her bed and read the Quran until his lips went dry. Sometimes he fell asleep there and when he woke up, he started reciting the Quran again.

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‘You’re not alone, I’m coming too’

When it felt that the woman would no longer survive, the man said that he too would say goodbye to this world. “In Mother’s last moment, my father went to her ear and said, ‘You’re not alone, I’m coming with you too.’ The daughter said she became very angry after hearing her father’s words, because she felt that she had no value in the eyes of her father and could not try to stay alive for her. However, the truth was that their children were all adults and they all had families. “I think he felt like he had nothing left to do.”

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Grave nearby booked
The daughter said that despite her refusal, her father visited her mother’s grave every day. He even had the place at his wife’s grave registered in his name. “He kept asking us if we were getting a call from the cemetery office. When the paperwork finally came home, I was left with annoyance. But since then he suddenly began to live quietly. For two days he barely spoke a few words. On the third morning he walked in front of the house and told him that he was not feeling well. I bent to tie his shoes, but he suddenly collapsed. The daughter said that by the time the ambulance arrived, her father had passed away.