My boyfriend shares his problems with my wife, is that normal?


It is common for a man or woman to be involved or close in each other’s circle of friends. However, too much closeness can also cause a feeling of insecurity or jealousy, and a similar situation is faced by a person who has shared their problem with an expert.

My wife tunes in with my friends and they keep in touch. However, some time ago I realized that a friend of mine is sharing things related to his marriage with my wife. There are regular discussions between them about this. I don’t want to overreact, but it makes me uncomfortable. I want him to stop talking altogether.

The expert’s answer
dr. Rachna K Singh replied: I can understand your discomfort. But you have to remember that it is very normal for people to accept support from each other or to share things. You also need to see and understand things from your friend’s perspective. He may not feel comfortable talking to someone else about it and this may be the only way for him to get support about his difficulties.

“My husband lives outside, I’m getting closer with his boyfriend, what should I do?”

Also understand your friend’s situation and think that at least in this situation he can share his stuff with everyone. Talk to your wife about your feelings and discomfort. By doing this, she will understand your position and she will be able to clear up the situation for you about the things that are happening between her and the boyfriend, which will be able to take away the feeling of insecurity.

What to do when two guys are talking about love and marriage?

If you want, you can also ask to be told about the conversation between the two, so that misunderstandings can be avoided. If you see a valid reason why you can’t trust your friend, then you can take a firmer approach.

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