If you have a cold, when should you go for H3N2 virus test, what to do if you get a positive report?

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Once again people are coming under the grip of infection. H3N2 cases are on the rise. After two deaths in Haryana and Karnataka, doctors are asking people to get tested for H3N2 virus. Actually, H3N2 virus has cold-cold and fever like seasonal fever. In such a situation, without testing it becomes difficult to understand whether it is H3N2 virus or just seasonal fever. In such a situation, it is important that you get the H3N2 virus tested at the right time and know when it has hit you. Know when to get tested for H3N2 virus.

What are the symptoms of H3N2 virus?
In the grip of H3N2 virus, only common viral symptoms like cold, cold are visible. But along with this there is fever, vomiting and body ache along with nasal congestion, then there are chances of H3N2 virus. Due to this virus, many times the level of oxygen is low and there is severe pain in the muscles. In case of such serious symptoms, it is necessary to get the H3N2 test done in time and get treated.

Doctors say that if people do not get tested, it will be difficult to get the correct data and deal with the virus. In such a situation, it is necessary to get the investigation done at the right time. So that we can get the right treatment. The H3N2 virus is transmitted to each other through cold-cough and fever just like any common flu.

How is the H3N2 virus test done?
The H3N2 virus is spread solely through infection. In this, there is a possibility of spreading the virus through winds and atmosphere. Whether the symptoms of cold and flu are H3N2 virus or not, it is possible only through its test. The test for H3N2 virus is similar to the test for Kovid 19. In this, a sample is taken through the nose and mouth and a test like RT-PCR is done. Whose report is ready in a few hours. Once positive for the H3N2 virus, physicians treat it with antiviral medications.

What to do if H3N2 virus positive
If the report of H3N2 virus comes positive, then the protocol of Kovid 19 has to be followed completely. The H3N2 virus can be treated with isolation and prescription medications if you test positive.

ICMR has issued a guideline
ICMR has issued a guideline if H3N2 test is coming positive due to cold and fever. In which complete information about what to do and what not to do has been given.

When to get tested for H3N2
If there is no relief from viral flu, cold-cough, fever even after two-three days, then definitely get the H3N2 virus test done.