Euphonic Yoga Can Relieve Stress And Obesity, Know Its Benefits

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In today’s time, do not know how many people suffer from stress and depression due to urban lifestyle. Working from 9am to 5pm not only confuses you mentally, but you also lose your peace of mind. In such a situation it is important to take time for yourself. Such problems can not only make you a victim of mental problems, but stress also creates other problems related to the body.

In such a situation, it is necessary for modern man to use new methods for peace of mind and health. Today we are talking about Euphonic Yoga. This is a new form of yoga, which can not only keep you mentally healthy, but also keep your whole body away from many problems. In such a situation, it is important to know about this yoga. To get complete information about Euphonic Yoga, we spoke with member UNESCO Paris (CID), TEDx Speaker and Shruti Chaturlal Sharma, founder of Euphonic Yoga.

What is ‘euphonic yoga’?
There are seven chakras in our body. Hardly anyone would know that these seven chakras are associated with seven vowels. Yes, Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni… The seven vowels associated with these seven chakras combine to form a new form of yoga called Euphonic Yoga. Euphonic Yoga is considered a unique fusion of classical music, classical dance and yoga. Although classical dance and music are considered a medium for entertainment and expressing emotions. But there is no doubt that dance and music are helpful in eliminating many health problems. When dance and music mix with yoga, its effect is magnified. During the dance we do more footwork, which has a positive effect on the feet. On the other hand, many ragas are used with the seven chakras of the body, awakening and calming the body’s chakras.

Benefits of Euphonic Yoga

Speaking of its benefits, let’s tell you that dance, yoga, exercise, and music make us feel happy by producing endorphins hormones in the body. Also helpful in relieving stress. Euphonic Yoga is specially designed to relieve stress. As we mentioned before, three traditional arts are combined in euphonic yoga. In such a situation, the effect of yoga increases almost 4 times.

When dance is done with yoga, it not only brings flexibility to the muscles but also gives them strength. Apart from this, the body is more energetic and it can also keep the body away from many problems. Those who do ‘Euphonic Yoga’ can not only avoid the problem of obesity but also get relief from problems like stress, high blood pressure. Euphonic yoga improves memory and makes the heart healthy. It also brings peace to our minds by changing our lifestyle.