Do not use coconut oil as a sunscreen, the skin can be bad


Most people use coconut oil to make natural sunscreen. Sunscreens are generally made in different ways from oils such as raspberry seed oil, caraway seed oil, coconut oil and shea butter. People all over the world are making their own sunscreens at home and sharing these tempting methods with others.

But the truth is that the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is not found in homemade sunscreens that are made from natural ingredients. Apart from this, making sunscreen is a very difficult and expensive process. In some parts of the world, products containing SPF are only allowed to be used after expensive testing. Let us know why natural oil should not be used as a sunscreen.

what is spf

SPF is called Sun Protection Factor. It is a scale that measures the ability of sunscreens to protect the skin from damage from ultraviolet rays. If your unprotected skin turns red within 20 minutes, you should use a sunscreen with SPF 15. It keeps the skin safe for about five hours.

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Do not make sunscreen with natural oil

Natural oil does not absorb UV


Research has shown that natural oil is not a suitable ingredient to block ultraviolet rays. Aloe vera, canora oil, citronella oil, coconut oil, olive oil and soybeans do not have the ability to block ultraviolet rays. Therefore, sunscreen made from these ingredients is unable to protect the skin.

Natural oil does not absorb UV in the correct wavelengths


The study also found that only substances containing vitamin E are effective at absorbing ultraviolet rays. But that is only possible if the wavelength is smaller than 310 nanometers. However, it is unable to block most ultraviolet rays. The UVB and UVA range of sunlight is 290-400 nanometers.

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SPF is not found in natural oil

coconut oil

Whether natural oil has enough SPF or not, it hasn’t been tested in the lab yet. According to a study, sunscreen products are only marketed after SPF testing. Therefore, one should always buy sunscreen in the market after seeing the level of SPF. In addition, sunscreen made from natural oils should not be used at home.