Vastu tips: know how the doors of the house determine your happiness


Home Decor Vastu Tips: Whether we are talking about luck or bad luck, they both enter a person’s life through the main entrance of the house. According to Vastu Shastra, the door of the house is related to the happiness of the person. It is said that if broken kitchen utensils or something heavy is kept at the main entrance of the house, the gods and goddesses will not enter such a house. According to Vastu, when building a house, one should pay attention to many things, including the doors of the house. In which direction should the doors of the house be located according to Vastu? Let’s know.

The rules for the doors of the house regarding Vastu Shastra-
If the door of your house faces east, it is beneficial according to Vastu. But above all, make sure that there is no obstruction at the door, otherwise there is a chance that the person will drown in debt.
Try that the door is not in the west direction. Because of this, the happiness and prosperity of the house begins to end. At the same time, the family members face long-term financial problems through the door to the south.
If your home’s door is in the clotting angle (southeast central part), it can adversely affect the health of your family members.
The door of the north direction (northeast) gives favorable results like the north direction, please note that there is no architectural defect for it.
If the door of the house faces west, there is a chance of a dispute with the neighbor. Having a door in this direction often leads to turmoil and tension in life.