US Presidential Election: Kamala Harris recalled her morning walk in India, shared her grandfather’s photo, saying:


In the US, presidential elections will be held in November during the Corona period and this is already being pursued. Efforts are also underway to win over NRAs in US presidential elections. All the candidates are constantly trying to win over the voters of Indian descent by naming India. Democratic Party vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, of Indian descent, remembers her grandfather and said she learned the importance of democracy from her grandfather.

Democratic Party vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris recalled her grandfather on Wednesday, saying that her grandfather PV Gopalan often took him on morning walks along the coast in India, where he discussed the importance of fighting for democracy and civil rights. .

She wrote in her tweet: “When I was young, my grandfather often took me on morning walks in India, where he discussed the importance of fighting for democracy and civil rights.” He said he still remembers these words of his grandfather and that this dedication and struggle for a better future is still inside him.

Kamala Harris’ tweet is accompanied by a 57 second video, which features old photos of her and her family and her family in it. In this video, Kamala Harris says, “My grandparents were phenomenal. We would return to India every other year. My grandfather was the defender of India’s independence and fought for it. When I was a little girl, as the oldest granddaughter, my grandfather used to take me for morning walks.

Harris said those morning walks on the beach in India really planted something in my mind and sparked a connection in me. This is the reason I am here today. Let us tell you that Kamala Harris has accepted the Democratic nomination for the position of vice president. Kamala Harris’s roots are associated with India. Kamala Harris’ mother Shyamala Gopalan was a native of Chennai.