US Israel Vs Iran: Israel and America started the biggest maneuver, preparing to attack Iran! tension will flare up


Washington: America and Israel have started a major military exercise against Iran from Monday. According to a senior American defense official, the purpose of this exercise is to send a message to Iran that the ongoing war in Ukraine cannot distract America’s attention. At the same time, an attempt is being made to give a message to China through this exercise that it should not be under any misunderstanding and that a large military force can be sent anywhere at any time.

from jets to drones
This exercise has been named Juniper Oak 23. According to defense sources, this is the biggest war exercise between America and Israel so far. Aircrafts are participating in this exercise on a large scale. At the same time, mutual cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces will be done very intensively. Apart from this, a large amount of ammunition will also be a part of it.

Launched from January 23, 1100 Israeli soldiers are participating along with 6400 American soldiers. Apart from this, there will be 142 aircraft including B-52 bombers. Out of this, 100 aircraft belong to the US Army. Four F-35 fighter jets, 45 F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter aircraft and two MQ-9 Reaper drones will be on display.

what is the purpose of this exercise
A US Navy carrier strike group and six Israeli ships are also part of it. General Michael Eric Kurila, who is the commander of the US Central Command, says that Juniper Oak is a joint all-domain exercise that improves interoperability with our partners in air, land and sea as well as in space. Apart from this, it increases the ability to respond to enemies. Also strengthens America’s commitments in the Middle East.

such exercises will continue
A senior defense official believes that this exercise is enough to tell what we can do at the same time. He also pointed out that the focus is on China and that around 100,000 troops are present in Europe to help NATO and Ukraine. But even after this, America will not hold back from using its strength and will continue to exercise on a large scale keeping in mind its priorities.