US Defense Budget: America ready to face China, defense budget will be up to $ 1 trillion, historical increase after Afghanistan war

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Washington: The US Department of Defense Pentagon has prepared to increase its budget in an extraordinary way keeping in mind the stock of advanced missiles, defense in space and modern jets. China is being said to be the main reason behind this increase in the US defense budget after several decades. According to defense experts, after decades, America has faced a threat from China. In such a situation, it is imperative to increase the defense budget. America will now spend about one trillion dollars on its forces. Information about the Defense Budget has been given by the Chief Financial Officer on Monday. On behalf of US President Joe Biden, a proposal for an $ 842 billion defense budget has been sent to Congress for approval.

so much budget after Iraq war

In the year 2024, the Pentagon has made up its mind to spend this amount. America’s defense budget has reached this figure after the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both these wars took place in the mid-2000s. In both these wars, lakhs of soldiers of America were deployed on the front with huge numbers. Now once the budget is on the way to increase again, it is believed that America is preparing to spend the maximum amount on weapons.

According to many defense experts, the shortcomings of American defense companies have come to the fore in the Ukraine war. America would not want that if there is any danger from China, then it will be harmed. America is now facing a challenge from China in space as well. China’s hypersonic capabilities in space are also increasing significantly.
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Will this budget be approved
Pentagon comptroller Michael McCord said in a press conference that if we look at inflation, this budget will definitely reach one trillion dollars before five years. According to him, such an increase in the defense budget is quite historic. Although the country’s defense budget is only three percent of the country’s GDP.

McCord said that if it is compared to World War II, it is known that it is much less than GDP. A budget proposal has been sent by Biden last week, seeking approval for defense spending of $ 6.8 trillion. The Republican Party says it will not approve this budget. But it is not yet clear how Congress will react to the Pentagon’s proposal.
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From Ammunition to Missile
In America’s defense budget, this time priority has been given to speed up the production of ammunition. According to McCord, the speed with which Ukraine is using 155 howitzers clearly shows that America’s defense industry is not where it should be. He said that this is a lesson for America.

The goal of this budget is to ensure that China’s aggression and its threats are unaffected. The approval of $ 30 billion has been sought from the Congress on behalf of the Biden administration so that it can produce more and more missiles. Apart from this, approval of $ 38 billion has been sought to modernize air, space and nuclear weapons. Apart from this, B-21 stealth bomber and ground-launched inter-continental ballistic missiles have also been kept.