Thousands of crowds outside Queen Elizabeth II’s burial site

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(Aditi Khanna)

London, Sept. 29 (PTI) Windsor Castle, home to Queen Elizabeth II’s tomb in Berkshire in southeastern England, reopened to the public on Thursday.

Windsor Castle was closed to the general public after the death of Queen Elizabeth II in early September.

Windsor Castle was the royal residence of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen spent much of her time in this palace after the lockdown was imposed in 2020 to prevent Kovid-19. The general public can visit Windsor Castle from Thursday. In this regard, he will have to take a 27-pound ticket.

Starting this week, visitors will be able to see for the first time a stone bearing the name of the late Queen, installed in the George VI Memorial Chapel in St. George’s Chapel, where her body was buried last week next to the grave of her husband, Prince Philippe.

Windsor Castle, about 900 years old, is currently considered the oldest and largest residential fortress in the world. The fortress was built by Duke William II, who led the Norman army during the invasion of England in the 11th century. Since then, 40 British monarchs/empresses have lived in it.

On September 19, Queen Elizabeth II’s body was buried in the George VI Memorial Chapel. Subsequently, the coffin of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, was moved from the Royal Vault of St George’s Chapel to the George VI Memorial Chapel, which also houses the coffins of Queen Elizabeth II’s father, King George and mother Elizabeth I. .