These scholarships are available to study in Russian universities


Scholarship in Russia: Most universities in Russia offer government scholarships and follow a uniform application process. Any foreign student who has passed the Uniform State Examination or Entrance Examination in Russia can apply for the scholarship in the same way as Russian students.

Every year, the Russian government offers state-funded seats to foreign students. In 2018, 15 thousand such seats were allocated.

Scholarship amount
The scholarship received from the government includes the tuition for the entire course, alimony and sleeping allowance. Students who wish to get these scholarships can contact the appropriate person in India and get information about scholarships and courses available there.

For studies, a student can choose 6 universities at the same time. But one cannot choose more than 3 in the Federal Region, while in Moscow and St. Petersburg no more than two can be chosen. Fill in your choice as per your choice and then fill in the others and wait for the call in the selection process. Depending on the country, operators can release the schedule of interviews, tests and exams, information about this can be found on their website or you can get it by email.

Students unfamiliar with the Russian language at the university level are enrolled in the preparatory department. They must study the Russian language simultaneously with general education.

If you have been included in the list of candidates, please have additional documents at hand

An MBBS doctor’s certificate must be prepared stating that there is no medical reason why you should not be selected in Russian universities. An HIV test will also have to be done here.

-Copy of the documents (translated into Russian), submit them online and submit the paper version to the operator.

Now waiting for your confirmation at the university

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