Russian Poseidon Torpedo: Russia’s super nuclear torpedo can sink Britain into the sea, Belgorod submarine ready with Poseidon


Moscow : The first batch of Russia’s Poseidon nuclear torpedoes is ready and will be installed on Russia’s Belgorod submarine. Regarding this weapon, Russia claims that it can ‘sink Britain in the depths of the sea’. It has been called ‘the most destructive weapon of the sea’ which may worry western war-planners. It is said that it can create tsunami-like waves and spread radiation to coastal cities. The coming out of this weapon of Russia is a danger bell not only for Ukraine but also for the West.

The Poseidon torpedo is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. With the help of nuclear energy, it can travel several km to its target. It is believed that Russia can use it against the southern coastline of Ukraine or against Western warships. The term ‘super-torpedo’ is often used for this. At least 30 torpedoes are being shipped on the Belgorod submarine, after which it will become a ‘mothership’ for the world’s largest number of torpedoes.

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130 kmph speed in water

Russia’s ‘super-torpedo’ is 21 meters long and two meters wide. It is believed that it can reach a speed of about 130 kmph under water. Moscow calls it ‘Unstoppable’. A Russian source told Mirror that the first batch of Poseidons is ready and will be delivered to Belgorod Submarine in the near future. The 184 meter long Belgorod is the largest submarine in Russia.

‘Capable of sinking Britain into the sea’

Russia has designed the Belgorod to fire several stealthy nuclear torpedoes. Tests on this huge submarine were stopped due to the corona virus epidemic and many other technical hurdles but now it is ready for its first mission. It is believed to be capable of carrying at least six ‘super-torpedoes’ at a time. A pro-Putin TV host claims the weapon could ‘sink Britain into the depths of the sea’.