Russia will remove the wreckage of American spy drone from the Black Sea

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Kyiv : Russian officials say they will try to recover the wreckage of a US surveillance drone that was destroyed after a confrontation with a Russian jet in the Black Sea. Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai P. said in a televised statement on Wednesday that Russia plans to find the wreckage of the drone. “I don’t know whether we will be able to recover it or not, but we definitely have to do it,” he said. I have every hope of success.

The US military said on Tuesday that a Russian fighter jet hit the propellers of a US surveillance drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday, prompting US forces to bring the unmanned aerial vehicle down in international waters. Meanwhile, Kremlin (Russian President’s Office) spokesman Dmitry Peskov said his country does not shy away from “constructive dialogue” with the US, even if relations between Moscow and Washington are in a “disappointing state”.
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British and German jets chased away the Russian plane

Responding to a question about the impact of the drone incident on relations with the US, Peskov said no weapon was used by the Russian jet against the US drone. Meanwhile, British and German air force jets were sent to shoot down a Russian plane flying close to Estonian airspace amid growing concerns about a clash in the skies near Russia and Ukraine. Britain’s Ministry of Defense has given this information on Wednesday.