Pakistan Financial Crisis: Pakistan became poor, now PM Shahbaz Sharif will deduct 10 percent salary of government employees!


Islamabad: The Shehbaz Sharif government of Pakistan is considering cutting 10 percent of the salaries of its government employees. The government treasury of Pakistan has become empty and Shahbaz Sharif is requesting loans from all over the world. Meanwhile, a committee in Pakistan, headed by Shahbaz Sharif, is considering several measures, including reducing the salaries of government employees by 10 percent. Meanwhile, the Shahbaz government has also said that it will request the IMF for a loan.

According to the report of The News, according to the proposals, the expenditure of the ministries and divisions will be reduced by 15 percent. Apart from this, the number of cabinet ministers, ministers of state, advisors will be reduced from 78 to 30. These recommendations were finalized on Wednesday. Now this committee will send its report to PM Shahbaz Sharif. A source said that the number of these ministers and advisors would be increased to 30. For the ministers who remain, it will also be possible that money will not be given from the national exchequer.
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Reduction in salary of employees, lavish spending on ministries

Shahbaz government is taking this step when it is pleading for loan from IMF and soon it has to go to the door of IMF for the next installment. The IMF had set 7 conditions for the fresh loan, including reducing government expenditure. Shahbaz government was not ready to accept the conditions of IMF earlier but now it is ready. This impasse lasted for about two and a half months. The Shehbaz government was fearing that by accepting the conditions of the IMF, inflation would increase manifold and his government would not be able to win the elections.

While the Government of Pakistan is going to cut the salaries of government employees, it is not doing any work on reducing the number of different ministries. That too when many ministries do only one thing. The Pakistani newspaper told that there are many such ministries in the Shahbaz government which do the same work. That is why it is being said that the central government should be merged into only 5 or 6 ministries. This includes defence, foreign affairs, finance and security. Apart from this, all other ministries should be abolished. Apart from this, the committee has suggested that the budget of ISI should also be reduced.