Pakistan Economic Crisis: Poor Pakistan is just one step away from ‘civil war’, 65 lakh unemployed youth will be trouble for India too


Islamabad: Most common people are troubled due to the economic crisis in Pakistan. Inflation is at its peak, due to which people are not able to buy food items. Meanwhile, unemployment is also increasing continuously. Everyday thousands of Pakistanis are losing their jobs. Lakhs of people are expected to lose their jobs in the year 2023 as well. According to the report of Pakistani newspaper Dawn, in the year 2023, the total number of unemployed could be around 62.5 lakhs. This is 8.5 percent of the total workforce in Pakistan.

If this figure increases, then the number of job seekers and new job seekers will increase. The government of Pakistan wants to present a mini budget soon to meet the conditions of the IMF. This mini budget can prove to be a big blow for Pakistan. This is because if the recommendations of the IMF are accepted in the mini budget, then the prices of all goods including gas, electricity, petroleum will increase. Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves will also decrease because of this. As of January 13, Pakistan now has foreign exchange reserves of just $4.6 billion.

Crime will increase in Pakistan

That’s why the government is expecting a package from the IMF as soon as possible. Pakistan’s most special friendly nations have also backed away from helping. In such a situation, it is certain that the Shahbaz government cannot postpone the mini budget. The coming of mini budget will directly increase unemployment. 250 million people live in Pakistan. Of these, 62.5 lakh adults are those who are ready to work but will not have any job. This figure will also create a danger of increasing organized crime in Pakistan. Unemployed youth will not only trouble Pakistan, but will also create problems for India.

It can be difficult for India too

Terrorist organizations in Pakistan look for youths who can be turned into terrorists for the greed of little money to conspire against India. If such a large population will be unemployed, then there will be many people among them who will accept to become terrorists to raise their families. In 2023, the economic condition of Pakistan is not visible to improve. That means the year 2024 will also be bad for Pakistan. Refinery, textile, iron, automobile and fertilizer related products have reached the verge of closure in Pakistan for the last few months.

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