Pakistan Crisis Shehbaz: Shehbaz is looting the treasury on MPs by pauperizing Pakistan, the people are hungry but the expenditure of the cabinet is 90 billion rupees


Islamabad : Pakistan’s economy is on the verge of collapse. One by one there is a shortage of basic things in the country. People have to scramble even for flour and pulses. The National Austerity Committee recommended a review of the practice of giving billions of rupees to MPs. But the Shahbaz government has decided to further increase the expenditure budget to Rs 90 billion. The government has taken this decision at a time when the country is facing the threat of default.

The committee recommended reducing the number of cabinet members, including special advisors to the prime minister, to 30 from about 77 at present. Apart from this, along with a 10 percent reduction in the salary and expenditure of MPs, a 15 percent reduction in the current expenditure of the ministries was also demanded. It was now up to the government to implement or ignore these recommendations, as had been done in the past. Once again the Shahbaz government has ignored the recommendations of the committee.

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Treasury opened for MPs

According to the news of the Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune, sources in the Ministry of Planning said that the government has decided to give another 3 billion rupees to the parliamentarians by cutting the budget of an educational institute and innovation support project. In the midst of inflation and severe economic crisis, this decision shows the priorities of the government. The government has decided to cut the budget of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics by Rs 1.4 billion.

77th minister included in the cabinet

The decision comes amid a proposal under consideration by the National Austerity Committee to ask MPs to stop such funding. In the condition of the country’s economy, even a single rupee cannot be spent for political gains. A few days ago, Shahbaz Sharif has included the 77th member in his cabinet. Fahad Haroon was given a place in Shahbaz cabinet as the 77th cabinet minister. On social media, he was suggested by people to retrench the cabinet.

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