Leopard 2 Abrams Tank: The world’s 2 deadliest tanks will rain gunpowder on the Russian army, America bows down to Germany, war will intensify in Ukraine


Kyiv: Two of the world’s deadliest tanks are going to enter the fray to give a befitting reply to the Russian army preparing for a fierce attack after winter in Ukraine. Both America and Germany are now going to give their M1 Abrams tanks and Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine. Ukraine’s President Zelensky had been requesting the US and Ukraine to give these tanks for a long time to deal with Russia’s mighty tank T-90. There was a dispute between America and Germany regarding these tanks. It is believed that the Ukraine war could become more fierce if these tanks enter the battlefield.

The media of America and Germany have confirmed this. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has agreed to supply Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine. After Russia’s fierce attacks, there was a demand for a long time that Germany should supply heavy weapons to Ukraine. After heavy all-round pressure, NATO country Germany has agreed to supply these tanks to Ukraine. Germany had placed a condition that if America would give its Abrams tanks to Ukraine then only it would give its tanks to Ukraine.
Russia-Ukraine War: Germany scared of white gunpowder, refused to give Leopard-2 tank to Ukraine

Leopard tanks clear the way to meet Germany

Meanwhile, the American media has revealed that the Biden government was also going to start the process of handing over the American tank to Ukraine. It is believed that America is going to supply dozens of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. It is being told that in the coming time, America can give 30 Abrams tanks to the army of Ukraine. Earlier Germany had allowed other countries like Poland and Finland to re-export German tanks to Ukraine.

Actually, if you want to give German tanks or other weapons to any other country, then for this that country will have to take approval from Berlin. German media outlet The Spiegel Media said that the German Chancellor has agreed to give at least one company Leopard-2 tank to Ukraine. In this way, the way has been cleared for Ukraine to get 14 Leopard tanks from Germany. However, till now the German government has not given any official statement on this. Russian army is doing fierce attacks with this T-90 tanks. Ukraine has to field 3 of its tanks to stop a Russian T-90 tank. For this reason, Zelensky was constantly requesting help from America and Germany.