Learn the top reasons why you should study in Hong Kong for the next 3 years


Gautam Gopinath dreamed of engineering in physics. When he wanted to fulfill his dream, he never thought that it would allow him to meet people from different cultural backgrounds and be open-minded. He chose to study in Hong Kong, learned what different kinds of people thought in different situations, adapted to diversity and completely changed himself.

If you also want to expand your career opportunities by studying abroad like Gautam, then this post will help you make a better decision and look into pursuing an undergraduate from Hong Kong. Hong Kong ranks third in the 2018 Global Financial Center Index. It is an emerging metropolis and a major center for higher education. The tuition here is low and the visa policy is also very simple compared to many universities in America and England. Below are some of the reasons that make Hong Kong a better place for higher education for Indian students.

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Quality education from a globally recognized institution
Hong Kong is a prestigious education center. It ranks 14th in the QS Best Student City 2019 Ranking. It has performed particularly well in the University Ranking Indicator. The reason for this is that there are many universities here with an international ranking. There are 4 of the top 10 universities in Asia and 5 of the top 100 universities in the world. Institutions such as Hong Kong Polytechnic University provide high quality education and a strong research network.

Unique bastion of fusion of culture and trade
People from all over the world live and work in this beautiful city. This has created a unique mix of culture and heritage, where the culture of the East meets the culture of the West. It is not like that anywhere else. In addition, Hong Kong is an attractive destination for companies and start-ups due to its attractive tax structure, modern infrastructure and proximity to China and other Asian markets.
Therefore, studying in Hong Kong builds strong social and professional bonds that can prove crucial in launching a career in this heart of opportunity.

But which university should you choose?
If you want to get a bachelor’s degree abroad, then Hong Kong Polytechnic University can be your best choice. It has a strong foothold in vocational education and partnerships with business and industry leaders in Hong Kong. This university is also known for its links within and outside the country, making it easier to find a job beyond the Chinese border.

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Founded in 1937, this university offers many quality programs. Through these programs, the university nurtures graduates who are great thinkers, effective speakers, and innovative problem solvers. The following features make this university a unique university of its kind:


An international student in any of the undergraduate courses offered in the streams Applied Sciences, Business, Computing, Construction and Environment, Design, Engineering, Fashion and Textile, Health Sciences, Hotel and Tourism Management, Language, Culture and Communication and Social Sciences can choose.

For admission you need to go through the steps below:


Following are some more benefits of studying in Hong Kong…

• Merit-based PolyU can apply for Entry Scholarship. On this basis, 1.90,000 Hong Kong dollars, or about 17 lakh 36 thousand rupees, are available. It is renewable based on academic achievement.
• At the PolyU, agreements are made about a two-year university stay for external students.
• Guaranteed internship (local or overseas)
• Guaranteed study opportunities from a foreign university campus

Settlement of Immigration for External Graduates (IANG)

• External graduates who have completed an undergraduate or higher qualification in Hong Kong full-time and locally recognized programs and who wish to join or continue to work at HKSAR can apply as professionals at ING. They may stay for a period of 12 months, provided they meet the general immigration requirements.

These are also some of the reasons for PolyU’s appeal…

While you study, you can enjoy walking in Disneyland, Ocean Park and much more in Hong Kong. In addition, quality education is guaranteed in PolyU through a better teacher-student ratio, university infrastructure, faculty profile, support of qualified staff and the role of management. The regular improvement in the ranking of the various programs proves the fact that it offers its students a world-class education.

Disclaimer: This article was created by the Times Internet Spotlight team on behalf of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.