Jaishankar’s marathon tour, 50 meetings in 10 days… the ‘super endurance’ of the secretary of state was seen in America, everyone surprised

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Washington: Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar’s marathon visit, who has told Pakistan, Russia and even the Biden administration on US soil, has been praised on social media. Foreign Minister Jaishankar is on a 10-day visit to the US and will hold 50 meetings during these days. Not only this, 40 of these 50 meetings are held one on one. In addition, there are several bilateral, tripartite and group meetings. While Jaishankar addressed the United Nations Security Council during his visit, he also delivered a strong message to the Chinese dragon by meeting with the US Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense. Not only this, India’s foreign minister has managed to strike a balance between the US and Russia by meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a staunch opponent of Western countries.

This marathon innings by the Indian foreign minister has been widely praised on social media. Professor Derek J Grassman, National Security and Indo-Pacific Affairs Analyst at RAND Corporation of America, tweeted: “Jaishanka’s visit to America is very long. Jaishankar holds 50 meetings in 10 days in New York and Washington DC, 40 of which will become one held on one. In addition, bilateral, tripartite and group meetings are different. Jaishankar met with the US Secretary of Defense, State and Commerce. Apart from this, Jaishankar also met with the National Security Advisor of America. Incredible stamina.

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Jaishankar is the world’s most famous and notable foreign minister
This tweet from Professor Derek is now being shared hotly on social media and people are praising his hard work by tweeting. dr. Praveen Sinha wrote in response to this tweet: “This does not include taking pictures and selfies of people of Indian descent, which are already required when taking a little break.” Rohan wrote: ‘Jaishankar is the best foreign minister ever. He is someone who knows his trade. Suvam Pal writes: “The focus has definitely shifted from Lavrov, Althani and Wang Yi to Dr. Jaishankar. In recent times, Jaishankar has become the world’s most talked about and notable foreign minister.

During his 10-day visit, the Indian foreign minister heavily washed the media of Russia, America, Pakistan, China and western countries. India’s foreign minister gave Russia its heaviest message ever. He launched a scathing attack on the UN Security Council session without mentioning Russia. Jaishankar reiterated PM Modi’s statement of ‘this is not the age of war’ and said that even in the event of a conflict, violation of human rights or international law cannot be justified in any way. On Russia’s nuclear threat, Jaishankar said: “The direction of the war in Ukraine is a matter of great concern to the entire international community. The forecasts for the future look even more worrying. The nuclear issue is of particular concern. However, the foreign minister has also struck a balance by meeting the Russian foreign minister bilaterally and in the BRICS countries. He said that even after the war in Ukraine, weapons from Russia are supplied to India.
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India’s foreign minister reprimanded America on its own soil even after he delivered the F-16 package to Pakistan. He told people of Indian descent that America is fooling India with F-16s. Jaishankar rejected America’s logic of terrorism, saying everyone knows where and against whom the F-16 fighter jets are being used. The Indian foreign minister said: ‘You cannot fool anyone by saying such things.’ This statement by the Indian Foreign Secretary went viral and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had to explain it. Even after this dispute, the Secretary of State insisted on strengthening friendship with America. “I have a lot of confidence in the relationship with America,” he said. “The biggest change I’ve seen in India-US relations in my four-decade tenure as ambassador,” he said.

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Jaishankar said, “Your question is, where do I see the relationship going in the future… To be honest, I see the US today working very actively with countries like India, who are really thinking beyond traditional alliances,” Jaishankar said. This has proven to be very effective in finding potential or real partners and in finding common ground. He said a prime example of this is the “Quad,” which includes the US, Australia, Japan and India. “I think we tried to form the Quad about two decades ago. It was not possible then, but now it works very well and has made a lot of progress in the last two years. Not only this, the foreign minister rebuked Pakistan and his master China also powerful on terrorism He exposed the western media about Kashmir.