Hajj Yatra Saudi Arabia: Good news for Indian Muslims! This time new facilities will be available in Haj pilgrimage, 20 lakh people will reach Saudi Arabia


Riyadh : This year’s Haj pilgrimage will see a return to its pre-Covid form with the number of pilgrims expected to reach 2 million. Saudi Arabia is set to welcome two million pilgrims, including 41,300 Algerian pilgrims, during the Hajj season this year. Saudi Arabia’s Hajj and Umrah Minister Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah has given this information in a press conference. Al-Rabiah also focused on using the country’s development projects and infrastructure to provide better facilities at the holy sites, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

The form of Haj pilgrimage, which started again after the Corona period, has changed a lot. Now it also includes many new features. According to Khaleej Times news, it also includes the Haramain Express train which connects Mecca and Medina through a two-hour journey. Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia announced that after three years of restrictions, there would be no cap on the number of Haj pilgrims this year.

Hajj Yatra 2023: Saudi Arabia’s big gift to Muslims around the world, this year even children will be able to perform Hajj, know new rules

Permission to perform Hajj without Mehram

Haj pilgrimage has great importance in Islam. Performing Hajj is considered one of the five pillars of Islam which all able-bodied Muslims must perform at least once. This year Haj pilgrimage will start in June. According to the new rules of the Saudi government, now women will not need a male companion ‘Mehram’ to perform Haj. In 2019, about 25 lakh people participated in the Haj pilgrimage, but the corona virus that came after this also affected the Haj pilgrimage.

Saudi government extended the duration of Umrah visa

Due to the Kovid epidemic, there was a huge decrease in the number of Haj pilgrims. In 2022, about 9 lakh Haj pilgrims had reached Mecca and Madina, including 7,80,000 foreigners. In October last year, the Saudi minister had announced that the duration of Umrah visa has been extended from one month to three months. He had said that this would apply to Haj pilgrims of every country. This time Indian Haj pilgrims will also be able to take advantage of the facilities provided by the Saudi government.