Australia Submarine: Why Australia is spending $368 billion on nuclear submarines, know the plan to surround China

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Washington: America, Australia and Britain have geared up to give a befitting reply to the Chinese dragon showing bullying from Japan to Australia. Under the OCUS deal, Australia is going to buy 8 submarines with the help of America and Britain. For this, Australia is going to spend $368 billion over the next three decades. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Tuesday that all these nuclear-powered submarines would be built in Adelaide, Australia. After this deal, Australia will become the seventh country in the world to operate nuclear submarines. Let’s know why Australia is going to do such a big deal…

The US, Australia and Britain had entered into an AUCUS military agreement in the year 2021 to deal with the growing threat from China. After this, talks were going on regarding this nuclear submarine deal. This deal has happened at a time when China has become the world’s largest naval power. The number of warships of China has exceeded that of America. China is now preparing to occupy Taiwan and is eyeing Japan to Australia. The Prime Minister of Australia has termed it as the biggest step in the history of the country’s defense capability. China is badly infuriated by this announcement of Oaks.
AUKUS Deal: America, Australia and Britain’s grand plan to compete with China, nuclear submarine deal will work like this

Submarine can remain hidden in the sea for years

China has said that it strongly opposes this nuclear submarine deal. China said that all these three countries involved in OCUS are promoting ‘cold war mentality’ due to which the danger in the region is going to increase further. At the same time, Australia said that its submarine will definitely run on nuclear power, but this does not mean that it will go on a mission with a nuclear bomb. Submarines can be either diesel-electric or nuclear-powered, from which nuclear weapons can be launched. However, Biden insisted on Monday that there would be no nuclear bomb in Australia’s submarine.

Even after this, why Australia wants to get nuclear submarine, there is a big reason behind it. Diesel Electric Submarine is equipped with a diesel engine which gives energy to the electric motor so that the submarine can easily navigate the water. But the massive amount of energy needed to run the engines makes it necessary for the submarine to return to the surface at regular intervals to refuel. When a submarine comes out of the deep sea, it is easy to detect and can be destroyed with the help of lethal weapons. On the other hand, a submarine powered by nuclear energy can easily stay in water for many months.

Australian submarine will be more deadly than Britain

American submarines have so much energy that they do not need to be refueled for years. A nuclear reactor is fitted in these submarines. Because of this, this submarine remains easily hidden under water for a very long time and does not get caught. During this time the crew will only need food and water. Not only this, according to the plan, America is going to equip submarines especially of Australia with such technology that they will be able to fire more missiles. In this way, with the help of Australia, Britain, Japan, America has started preparing to surround China from all sides in the Indian Ocean.