Study of 30 vaccines in the country in four ways to get the coronavirus under control


Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. K. Vijay Raghavan said 30 groups in the country are trying to create a vaccine against Corona. These include large industrial groups, scientific institutions and scientists at the individual level. In general, there are four types of vaccines against such viruses and all four types of vaccines are being prepared in the country to fight corona.

dr. Raghavan and member of NITI Aayog Dr. VK Pal shared information about the investigation into Corona in a press conference on Thursday (May 28). He said there are four types of vaccines. An mRNA vaccine into which a component of the virus’s genetic material is injected. The second are standard vaccines, which use a weakened copy of the virus as the vaccine. In the third type of vaccine, the protein from Kovid-19 will encode in the backbone of another virus. Fourthly, there are those vaccines in which the protein of the virus is prepared in the laboratory. The country is working on these four types of vaccines.

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He said there are three types of efforts underway. One that we are working on ourselves. Others, who are in partnership, but run outside agencies. Thirdly who are with outside agencies and we are leading. He said Indian vaccines are used all over the world. Two out of three children receive the vaccine made in India. Vaccination companies in the country also conduct research into vaccines themselves and also collaborate with other companies on research.

He said preclinical studies on the flu vaccine backbone will likely be completed by October. The protein vaccine will probably be ready in February. Similarly, some startups affiliated with the Indian Institute of Science have started working on vaccines from many institutions and outside agencies. He said it takes 10-15 years to make vaccines and there is huge expenditure. To shorten this time, more than a hundred projects have been started simultaneously worldwide. Even after the vaccine is made, getting it to the people is a challenge.

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Testing the drug in humans within six months Similarly, many drugs are being researched and expressed hope that the drug being made in collaboration could be tested on humans in the next six months. Many new and old drugs are being researched. These include Fabiparamir, a plant drug by CSIR, ACQS, MW, ICMR’s plasma study, Hydroxychloroquine study, Remdesivemir, Arbidal, BCG vaccine study etc. He said they are all in different stages. Many of these drugs are recycled, while many are also new. It will be at least six months before the first human trials of the new drugs begin.

no change in virus
He said genome sequencing of the coronavirus has been done in many labs. But there has been no significant change in that. The changes are due to local factors, but have no effect on the way the virus works.

CSIR-AICTE Hackathon
He said a hackathon is being organized by CSIR-SICTE to discover new drugs.