Rajasthan crisis: Sonia Gandhi to decide Rajasthan CM in two days, Venugopal statement raises political temperature

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New Delhi: Amid the ongoing political crisis in Rajasthan, a major statement from Congress has emerged. Will Ashok Gehlot continue as CM or not? On this, Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal said Congress President Sonia Gandhi will decide on Rajasthan’s CM in a day or two. Congressional interim president Sonia Gandhi is neutral on congressional presidential elections. Just wait until tomorrow, then we will get a clear picture.

Congress general secretary KC Venugopal said on Thursday that party chairman Sonia Gandhi will make a decision on the prime minister of Rajasthan within days. “The Congress President will make a decision on the Prime Minister of Rajasthan in the next two days,” he said outside Sonia’s residence. Earlier, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had met Sonia and apologized for not being able to hold Congress Legislature Party meeting in Jaipur. He also said he will no longer run for president. After meeting Sonia Gandhi at her residence ’10 Janpath’, Gehlot also said that Sonia Gandhi would decide whether to continue as prime minister.

Gehlot apologizes to Sonia, announces not to run in presidential election
When Ashok Gehlot came out after meeting Sonia Gandhi for about an hour, the tension was evident on his face. Speaking to the media, he said that what happened in the past in Rajasthan has hurt him. He has since apologized to Sonia Gandhi. I did not get the resolution of the High Command. Gehlot said what happened in Rajasthan in a way sent a message like I didn’t want to leave the prime minister’s post. Gehlot said he will not run for president now. In an interview with the media, he was seen shouting that he is a loyal soldier of the Gandhi family. Sonia Gandhi will also decide on the CM.

The mention of Rajasthan’s next CM increased the tension
Parliamentary elections will be held in Rajasthan next year. If Gehlot’s name had not surfaced for the Congress president, there would hardly have been a new CM in Rajasthan. To avoid any conflict of interest, Gehlot’s resignation from the position of CM arose on the basis of the ‘one person, one function’ principle decided upon during this year’s congressional session in Udaipur. Now that he will not contest the election of the president of Congress, there should be no problem keeping the CM post. But here too there is a problem.