Now beggars will not be seen in Varanasi, everywhere including temple will be ‘beggar free’, corporation will run campaign

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The number of beggars in Kashi, the city of Lord Bholenath in Uttar Pradesh, has increased considerably along with tourists. Due to the beauty and development of Varanasi, there will be no place for beggars in this city. The local corporation is working in this regard.

The local administration is continuously working with the government to make Banaras of Uttar Pradesh a beautiful and attractive place for tourists. Working in this direction, the exercise to beautify Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency is now going on, in which the city will now be freed from beggars.

Generally, a large number of beggars follow the tourists on their way to Banaras. At the same time, preparations are also being made for the G20 conference to be held in Banaras. Banaras will now be made beggar free in this direction. Regarding this, the local administration has started the “Begging Free Kashi” campaign.

In the context of this campaign, District Magistrate S Rajalingam said that we will identify three categories of beggars present in Kashi. After identifying all these, the exercise to end beggary will be started. According to the strategy, beggars present around tourist places, temples etc. will be removed. Along with this, beggars will not be seen on the major roads and intersections of the city in the coming times.

Let us tell you that to make the local areas beggar free, the district administration has decided to run a campaign in collaboration with many organizations including NGOs, Varanasi Municipal Corporation, Police. It has been started under the provisions of the Prohibition of Beggary Act, 1975. Initially the destitute will be removed. This is followed by members of organized rackets involved in begging and poor people who are engaged in various activities to earn livelihood and come to the temple town to beg on special occasions.”

counseling started
In this regard, the teams have started counseling the beggars in coordination with the local administration. Along with this, tourists are also being appealed through hoardings, announcements etc. across the city not to support beggars by giving them alms. Stop giving alms to beggars. Along with this, if any person is found begging then he will be rehabilitated. Tell that six teams have been formed in the city, which is working to identify the beggars.

It is worth noting that many times the tourists of Varanasi have complained that the number of beggars here is very high. Once upon a time, beggars were seen only on one or two ghats in Varanasi, but now their number has increased a lot. The number of beggars has increased in most of the temples, squares and ghats of the city.

Rehabilitation will be done in night shelters
According to the information, the local administration is also taking the help of social organizations to rehabilitate the beggars. For this, there is a plan to rehabilitate them by bringing them in night shelters. If the beggars have come from any other district or state, then preparations have also been made to send them back to their home district or state.