Gehlot has violated the trust of the Gandhi family?

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Prabhunath Shukla
Rajasthan’s political crisis is the main reason for Congress and Gandhi’s family. This crisis is of power on the one hand and the democratic system in the party on the other. Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot has certainly violated the trust of the Gandhi family by resigning en masse from the MLAs. The Gandhi family had unshakable faith in him. This was why Priyanka Gandhi ended the political crisis of Ashok Gehlot in 2018 by quelling the uprising of Sachin Pilot. But in the changed circumstances, Gehlot himself created a crisis. It was because of his unshakable faith in him that he was nominated for the position of president of Congress. Sonia Gandhi never expected Gehlot to make her unhappy.

The present time is of struggle for Congress. The party’s loyalists are falling apart one by one. Congress has ended from all over the country. The party’s great stalwarts have lost the trust of the Gandhi family and Congress. The same people who let Congress sit on the floor stabbed the party in the back. The work of Ashok Gehlot, one of the most trusted people of the Gandhi family in the pursuit of power, is the greatest setback for the Gandhi family. Congress hopes that Rahul Gandhi is on one side Bharat Jodo Yatra. People from all over the country join the journey. The Yatra gets huge public support. But in Rajasthan, Gehlot and his MLAs revolt. Gehlot cannot say that he does not play a role in all political developments. He has clearly stated that we cannot accept Sachin Pilot as Chief Minister at any cost. It is true that Gehlot has more MLAs. But if Pilot also adheres to this point, Gehlot can continue as Chief Minister. Every party or organization is governed by discipline, balance and adaptation. Not for the sake of the person.

Congress and the Gandhi family have days of political struggle. Good congress leaders leave the party. Either way, changing the prime minister in Congress is tough. The fighting between Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia in Madhya Pradesh, Captain Amarinder Singh against Sindhu in Punjab and Tarun Gogoi and Hemant Vishwas in Assam have uprooted the Congress’s roots in the respective states. The politicians of the respective states did not listen to the high command. Ashok Gehlot has repeated the same story in Rajasthan as well. History testifies to those who have come out of the mainstream of Congress, they have been unable to achieve anything. Because there can be no greater person than the organization. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has committed the greatest betrayal of power by breaking the trust of the organization and the high command. It’s time to rebuild Congress.

Organization doesn’t matter to the satraps of power. In the changing political environment, the highest leadership in Congress, namely Sonia Gandhi, has lost importance. There was a time in Congress when one line of high command proved to be the last decree of the party. But the crisis in Rajasthan clearly indicates that that era is now over. Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot does not want to leave the post under any circumstances. Both the party chairman and the prime minister wanted to stay. But after Rahul Gandhi’s Do Tuk, he changed his perspective. But because of the smell of Sachin Pilot becoming the Chief Minister, he put up his bet.

Given the political situation in Rajasthan, Congress Supreme Commander Sonia Gandhi would have to make tough decisions. Where is the Congress going in Rajasthan? What will happen to him. You need to stop worrying about all these questions. Ashok Gehlot must be removed and a new Chief Minister elected there. If it doesn’t work after this, shut up and watch the match. Sometimes it’s good to be silent. The future of the state is seen in leaders like Sachin Pilot. Sachin is a young leader, can do a good job for the Congress in Rajasthan in the coming years. Gehlot should now be removed from the post of Chief Minister. Regardless, his actions do not even qualify Gehlot for the position of President of Congress. Sonia Gandhi has requested a written report from the Head of State Ajay Maken, Malikarjun Kharge and KC Venugopal. Strict disciplinary action will certainly be taken against Gehlot after the report comes out. Gehlot’s departure from state power is considered permanent.

Ashok Gehlot ruined the whole game in his desire for power. The question arises: if the people in the organization become masters of their own will, how will the party run. What will happen to the culture and top leadership of the Congress? Now the time has come for Congress to be stricter on discipline. He should have a disciplinary policy like the BJP. Politics must be put aside. Sonia Gandhi and Congress will bear the brunt of such a harsh decision. In such a situation is there anything else to lose the congress pass otherwise it would be good to clean up such people. The Congress that will come in the future will have a new vision, new hopes and new enthusiasm. It will certainly take time to build a good Congress, but to keep the days of struggle revolutionary, risky decisions must also be made.

Disclaimer: The above opinions are those of the author.