Famous poet Wasim Barelvi met with an accident, admitted to Delhi hospital, now his condition is like this


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Famous poet Wasim Barelvi met with a car accident while returning from Delhi to Bareilly. Wasim Barelvi was badly injured in this accident. After the accident, he was admitted to a private hospital in Delhi, where he was treated. He is now recovering after treatment.

Famous poet Wasim Barelvi has become a victim of a car accident. This car accident took place in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh when poet Wasim was returning from Delhi after attending a Mushaira. After being injured in the accident, he has suffered a lot of injury on his face and shoulder. The 82-year-old poet was admitted to BLK Hospital in Delhi. Wasim is out of danger after treatment.

According to information, poet Barelvi had gone to Bahrain to attend a Mushaira. This accident happened near Hapur while returning from Delhi airport to Vapal Bareilly. While leaving Hapur, his car collided with a dumper. In this accident, Barelvi got injured in his left hand and shoulder. It was also learned that the airbags had opened due to the collision of the car. Due to the timely opening of the air bag, the driver of the vehicle, the gunner and the poet sitting with them, Aqeel Nomani, were saved. Although Barelvi got hurt a lot. According to the information received from the hospital, he has two fractures in his left hand. It is likely that he will be discharged from the hospital soon.

According to the information received, poet Akil Nomani was also included in Wasim Barelvi’s car while returning from Delhi. Both had gone to attend Mushaira together and were returning together. This accident happened while returning. Nomani was also with him at the time of the accident. However, he did not get hurt much. Let us tell you that poet Wasim Barelvi has also been an MLC of the Legislative Council from the literary quota in Uttar Pradesh.

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