Come do politics: students said – increase vocational training so that they have their own skills


We get diplomas on youth diplomas, but where do we get government jobs? The youth is looking for a job by writing. Parents spend lakhs on us, but after that they get private jobs from five to ten thousand. The government should promote vocational training so that after graduation we have our own skills and can stand on our own two feet. Let’s Get Politics – Under the Nari ki Bari campaign, Hindustan In Campus was organized at Doranda College, Ranchi on Monday. The students openly shared their opinion. They said that leaders in the election manifesto promise everyone better education and jobs, but nothing happens.

Girls are not safe, neither on campus nor on the road
Girls on Hindustan In Campus said they are not safe on the road nor safe on campus. On their way to university, they are molested on the way from auto rickshaws to city buses. Those strings are tense. The girls said that there are more than five thousand girls studying at our university, but there is not even a school bus for their commute. Girls from far and wide reach college after being pushed into a car. The girl students said girls still don’t feel safe in the city. Incidents of molestation happen to them every day.

Reservation is being abused
Students protested against reservation in education. Reservations in education are being abused. Most people who are very wealthy financially get reservations. This is of no use to anyone, those who really deserve it are still being robbed of it. The government must take into account that everyone receives education and better education. Leaders divide young people in the name of religion, but no one is talking about giving them jobs. He said that in every section there are poor people who need help so that the talented people come out well. The girl students said that reservation has always only divided society among themselves. Now the time has come when it should be revised and instead of being political about it, it should be implemented according to need.

Will vote with the problems in mind
The students said that we will vote in the elections, taking into account the problems. We will not be misled. Vote for the one who guarantees improvement in education and job after diploma.