CDC Claims Corona Virus Cannot Last Long on Surface Due to Heat


Different things are constantly being said about how the scorching heat in the country will affect the coronavirus infection. Some studies suggest it won’t be affected by heat, others suggest it is. Here, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) said the virus won’t be able to survive on the surface for long because of the heat. This statement from the CDC is considered important. Because at this time it is getting hot in the country and the corona infection is increasing rapidly.

In fact, the CDC issued reopening guidelines for starting operations in the US some time ago. These guidelines specifically suggest measures on how to take precautions in the office and how to disinfect the goods. These guidelines state that such surfaces present in public places where there is a risk of virus infection can be prevented by regular cleaning. Since the virus can survive on surfaces for a few hours anyway, warm weather and sunlight will further shorten its survival time.

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Let us tell you that the previous studies said that the virus can survive for 48-72 hours on steel, wood, plastic etc. But looking at the new CDC guidelines, it is unlikely that the virus will survive that long because of the heat . In the study in China, the cause of the outbreak was unknown in about 35 percent of the infections. Then it was speculated that touching the surface would have caused the infection.

There is no danger if it is closed for seven days
It says that if the office, school, college or other place is closed for seven days, the virus is probably not present. For example, there is no possibility that the virus lives on a surface or in any other form. Therefore, it is not necessary to disinfect such places. They can only be used by performing normal cleaning, but once opened items that are used every day should be disinfected.