What to do if there is more water in gram flour solution for making pakodas? Learn these cooking tips

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It is said that cooking is an art and anyone can learn this art. The difference here is that if you cook carefully, you can cook everything quickly, but if cooking is your hobby, you take care of many things. Not only do you try to make the food tastier, but you also find ways to cook it faster. At the same time, the real art of cooking is taken into account when saving food with small tips from spoilage. Today we will tell you such food saving tips-

what to do if besan is wet?
If you are making pakodas but the gram flour batter has become too thin, you can add rice flour to the gram flour. This will also thicken the gram flour and make the pakoras crispier.

soft parathas
To make the paratha soft, add moyan i.e. oil or ghee to it and knead the dough and let it stand for 15 minutes. Then you make it parathas. Especially if you make potato parathas, you can mash the potatoes well. Soft parathas can be made from this.

to absorb less oil
Are your puris or kachoris absorbing too much oil? If this happens, put kachoris in hot oil, this will reduce the consumption of ghee. Also use non-sticky kadhai.

What to do if there is too much salt in vegetables?
If there is too much salt in your vegetable or dal, you can squeeze lemon juice into it. As a result, salt does not absorb much in lentils and vegetables and the vegetables begin to look tastier than before.

Best way to preserve the nutritional value of vegetables and salads, learn smart cooking tips