Visit this beautiful place with your partner in the month of February, the trip will be completed in a budget of Rs 5000

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There are many places to visit in India. Which is very beautiful. The coming month is February and it is also called the month of love. In this month, most people see the destination to visit with their partner. In such a situation, here we are telling some wonderful places which are best for couples. The good thing is that cheap trips can be arranged here. Know here the names of the places which can be completed in the budget of Rs 5000-


One of the nearest destinations to Delhi, Jaipur is a good place to visit. People often plan to visit here. You can reach this place easily and cheaply. You can take a train to go from Delhi to Jaipur. You will easily find many budget friendly hotels in Pink City. You will definitely enjoy this place a lot with your partner.


Apart from being a religious place, it is quite famous among the youngsters. Here you will see many people practicing yoga on the banks of the river. Traveling from Delhi to Rishikesh will cost around Rs 200-300 and spending time here in a tent with a partner by the riverside is a wonderful experience.


If you are thinking of going to a royal destination with your partner. So you can go to Udaipur. You will like the beautiful lakes and forts here. The best way to reach Udaipur is by train.


Ooty is one of the best hill stations in India. Start walking with a partner on the Nilgiris, lush green tea plantations, winding roads and steep peaks. Get together to soak up the freshness and aroma of nature in Ooty, one of the best affordable places to stay in India.

how to budget trip

To travel in a budget, you have to keep some things in mind like choosing cheap travel mode or cheap hotels. Along with this, one has to be specific about food and drink. Try not to go to expensive restaurants.

Kerala’s Wayanad is the best place to travel with your partner, you will become crazy about its beauty