This Shivling breaks and joins again after lightning, this sight is seen once in 12 years

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Bijli Mahadev Temple is one of the holiest places in Himachal Pradesh. Which has been counted among the oldest temples of India. Situated on a beautiful hill, near the confluence of rivers Parvati and Beas, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The history of this temple situated at an altitude of 2460 meters is quite interesting. Know things about Mahadev Temple-

The story of the temple is interesting

It is believed that the temple was built after killing a demon named Kulant. It is said that the demon Kulant wanted to submerge the valley by stopping the flow of the Beas river. To fulfill his objectives he assumed the form of a dragon. He wanted to kill every life form on land by submerging it under water. In such a situation, Lord Shiva came to know about his undertaking after which he came to end the demon.

Lord Shiva asked the demon to look back and as soon as he looked back, his tail caught fire. It is said that the mountain on which the Bijli Mahadev Temple is situated was made from the body of a dead demon. After his death, his body covered the surrounding land and changed into the shape of a mountain.

How did Bijli Mahadev Temple get its name?

It is believed by the local people about Bijli Mahadev that after defeating Kulant, he went to Lord Indra and asked him to strike the mountain with lightning every twelve years. If people believe, Mahadev did not want his devotees to be harmed by lightning, so every twelve years the lightning that falls on the temple falls directly on the Shiva Linga. Lord Shiva strikes himself and thus the name of the temple is ‘Bijli Mahadev’.

Shivling joins after breaking

Every time lightning strikes the Bijli Mahadev Shivling, that Shivling breaks into pieces. The temple priests are believed to collect every piece and then put the Shivling back together with salt butter and sattu. By doing this, the Shivling starts looking the same as before.

How to reach Bijli Mahadev Temple

Bijli Mahadev Temple is about 24 kms from Kullu. You have to complete a track to reach the temple. It attracts trekking enthusiasts.


Ghosts had built this temple in just one night! very interesting story here