These are the most haunted places of Delhi-NCR, even the big hearted people lost their sweat

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It is difficult to tell whether ghosts and spirits exist or not. While some people believe in it, some consider it a superstition. But from time to time some such stories come to the fore, which start to be believed after listening to them! Talking here about Delhi where there are many places to visit, but some are considered to be haunted. The ghost stories of these places are also very famous. Where in some places the voices of children are heard, then in some places the noise of scary voices is heard. Know the names of the haunted places of Delhi-

Haunted Places Of Delhi

bloody door

Many instances of bloody history are associated with this monument in Delhi. Here the son of Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar was hanged in front of the public. It is said that his spirit still resides at this place.

bhuli bhatiari

It is a structure that dates back to the 14th century. There are apparitions of ghosts, eerie stories of disappearances and haunting noises in the surrounding places. It is said that strange sounds are heard here after sunset.

Karkardooma Court

If reports are to be believed then this is one of the most haunted places in Delhi. The lawyers here have faced many scary incidents inside the court. Many people have also seen a white shadowy figure and hence the place is considered to be haunted.

Jamali Kamali Tomb

This place is situated in the premises of Mehrauli Archaeological Park. These are basically the tombs of 16th century Sufi saints known as Jamali and Kamali. Jamali Kamali’s mausoleum and mosques are also quite famous among history lovers and photography enthusiasts. The place is believed to be haunted as strange voices have been heard here.

Chor Minar

Chor Minar is a structure that has been speculated about for a long time. There are holes in the upper walls of the tower which are said to have been made with spears. It is believed that these holes contained the heads of thieves who were punished during the rule of Ala-ud-din Khilji. It is believed that the spirits of these thieves roam the area at night.

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