These are the cheapest markets in Delhi, you can shop here at the price of a kilo

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Everyone likes to do shopping. But the real fun of shopping comes when you have a lot of money in your pocket and you start shopping openly. In such a situation, if you are thinking about shopping while staying in the budget, then you should go to some markets of Delhi. Here we are telling about one such market from where you can shop very cheaply. You will find all kinds of clothes here.

clothes are available in kilos

Although there are many markets for cheap shopping in Delhi, but you can buy clothes in kilos from Azad Market. Bundles of 10 to 50 clothes can be easily found in Azad Market. Some cloth bundles are available from 1 kilo to 45 kilos. While buying clothes, you will also get to hear many things from the shopkeeper, like if this cloth is imported then it is from India. But you buy only those clothes that look right.

How to reach this market

Azad Market is located on Shivaji Road in Delhi. You can easily get the metro to go here. Tis Hazari and Pul Bangash metro stations are the nearest to the market. You can also reach here by cab or local bus.

take care of these things

While shopping, you should take care of some things, like clothes are not available in single piece here, so you have to buy clothes in large quantities from here. Along with this, if you take a lot of clothes at once, then check them thoroughly. It is better to go to the market during the day because in the dark you will not be able to check the defect of the piece.

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