Name the 8 cheetahs that came to India and win the reward of seeing them, you will never get such a scheme

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Ever since these 8 cheetahs were brought back from Namibia, people have been curious to see them. Everyone wants to see them from a distance once in a while, but right now the first priority is to take care of them, keeping them away from tourists. Yes, if you really want to see them, the government has come up with a contest for you. In this you have to name the cheetahs, explain the importance of treating the animals well and give the Cheetah Project a name. Besides, since the beginning of this contest, there is a curiosity among people to name cheetahs, some give their name as Milkha while some suggest names like Chetak, Vayu, Swasti and Twara. Let’s tell you well about these three games.
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Suggested names for the Cheetah project – Suggest a name for the Cheetah reintroduction project

Eight cheetahs have been released into Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Several decades after the extinction of cheetahs in India, the ‘Action Plan for the Introduction of Cheetahs in India’ has proved to be a major initiative to find a balance in the ecosystem. To further convey the importance of this initiative, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked citizens to propose names for this project in his Mann Ki Baat on September 25, 2022. If a name comes to mind about this project, give your suggestions by visiting the website for a chance to spot cheetahs in Kuno National Park.

Last date suggestion: October 26, 2022 is until 11:45 PM.

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Suggest names for cheetahs – Suggest names for cheetahs


This is a time of great pride for India as cheetahs have been reintroduced to the country’s ecosystem after being extinct for so long. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Mann Ki Baat has asked for suggestions on the names of citizens’ cheetahs to promote the importance of ‘Action Plan for the Introduction of Cheetahs in India’. If names come to mind regarding these 8 cheetahs, you can suggest names by visiting the website The winner will have the chance to see cheetahs in Kuno National Park.

Last date suggestion: October 26, 2022 is until 11:45 PM.

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The importance of treating animals well – Tell us how important it is to treat animals well


The importance of nature and animals has been part of Indian culture and traditions for centuries. The ‘Action Plan to Introduce Cheetahs to India’ – is considered a landmark initiative to bring cheetahs back into our ecosystem. In Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged citizens to give their suggestions on the importance of proper treatment of animals. If you have any suggestion about this, you can participate by visiting Give your suggestions on each of the above topics and stand a chance to see cheetahs in Coono National Park.

Last date suggestion: October 26, 2022 is until 11:45 PM.

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Names given so far –

Names like Veer, Panaki, Bhairav, Brahma, Rudra, Durga, Gauri, Bhadra, Chatur, Veer, Raksha, Medha have been suggested on the platform so far. More than 750 entries have been received so far. For the ‘Reintroduction Project’, more than 800 people have suggested names such as ‘Kuno Ka Kundan’, ‘Mission Chitrak’, ‘Viva’ and ‘Chitwal’. Let us tell you, after 70 years of the extinction of cheetahs, cheetahs have come to India.

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