When Don Abu Salem’s girlfriend Monica Bedi reached Bigg Boss house, marriage proposal was received on the show


Monica Bedi is celebrating her 47th birthday today on 18th January. Monica, who entered the film world in the 90s, has been in the news less because of her films but more because of her affair with Don Abu Salem. Monica has also appeared in ‘Bigg Boss’ season 2 and she appeared in this show when her relationship with Abu Salem had come to an end. And in this show, Monica’s love story once again brought her into limelight and this time Rahul Mahajan’s name was associated with her.

Monica got a second chance to live life

Then Monica Bedi was climbing the ladder of success in the film world and she met Abu Salem in Dubai. This meeting changed their relationship forever. Both fell in love and lived together for some time and then both were caught in Portugal and brought to India. While Abu is put behind bars for his crime, Monika gets a chance to start her life again. However, it has not been an easy start for him. Well, ‘Bigg Boss’, which is called the most controversial show, gave shelter to Monica in his house and another romantic story started here.

Abu Salem wanted to see Big Boss

On the other hand, there was a lot of headlines about Monica’s entry in this show, which was in discussion about Abu Salem. Everyone wanted to know whether Monica is going to say anything about Don in this show. It is said that Abu himself wanted to watch this season of ‘Bigg Boss’ because of Monica. It is said that Abu had also demanded TV and cable from the jail authorities. Since Abu was a serious criminal, he was kept in Anda Cell of Arthur Road Jail. It is said that there was a clear refusal from the jail to fulfill any such demand of Abu. It was reported that Abu wanted to see what Monica had to say about him on the show.

Monica got Rahul’s support in the show

Well, Monica entered the show and due to depression, she was seen crying a lot in the show. And on every such occasion, the person whose shoulder he used to stand in front of was Rahul Mahajan. Rahul also used to say that he would always stand by him whenever needed. Everyone was surprised to see Rahul’s soft corner for Monica and it is said that Abu Salem was also surprised to see all this.

Rahul had asked can he kiss her?

The discussion has also been such that in the show, Rahul had proposed marriage in front of Monica and indirectly questioned her. The video clip of this occasion was also getting a lot of attention in the media. Rahul had even asked if he could kiss her? In this clip, Rahul described himself as romantic. Before Monika’s entry, Rahul was in discussion about his closeness with Payal Rohatgi in the same show. It is said that Abu Salem was not very happy about their relationship and said that he was married to Monica in Los Angeles.

Monica said, Abu himself had said about settling

However, Monica had said that she does not believe this and it is just a story created by the media. Monica had told that Abu himself had told her to settle down in her life, so why would he be angry about bonding with Rahul?

said thanks to colors channel

Monica had said that because of ‘Bigg Boss’ her career got a lot of help. Monica thanked the Colors channel and the production house for the good offers she got after the show.