Vivek Agnihotri has now clarified about eating beef, said Buffalo is not available in India, but beef

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Vivek Agnihotri was trolled on an old video in the past. In this video he said he eats beef. Now he has spoken about this video during an interview. Vivek says the video has been edited. They also said that beef in India means buffalo and not cow. Vivek also explained why he had started eating beef and drinking alcohol. In this interview, Vivek also commented on Ranbir’s eating beef.

people edited the sound

Before the release of Brahmastra, a video of Ranbir Kapoor went viral in which he talked about keeping beef. When he was trolled for this, some people released a video of Vivek Agnihotri in which he also talked about keeping beef. Meanwhile, Vivek continued to respond on Twitter. Now he has spoken about this matter in a recent interview. Vivek said in a conversation with Brute India that people misunderstand things. There was a music video. People had edited the sound. I said I used to eat beef. I don’t eat beef anymore. When people wrote no to this, it seemed like I used to eat beef and still eat it now. People have done this, but I have no problem.

Beef is not available in India

Vivek said, as for beef, I used to eat beef, it seems like I used to eat beef daily. So you don’t get beef in India. This happens to be Buffalo. Vivek says that when young boys and girls come, they get a little bit rebellious. I come from a very strict vegetarian family. My mother never even ate garlic and onion. I come from a family that eats butternut squash. You want to rebel when you’re young. First you smoke cigarettes. Then the wine comes out. There is a restaurant where everyone goes. So maybe I went there once and ate it all. Also Read: After beef video went viral, Vivek Agnihotri tweeted about eating sattvik surrounded by Karan Johar

expressed his sorrow for ranbi

Vivek said, when you leave India, you eat what you get in the burger. It’s not like you eat separately by ordering beef. About Ranbir eating beef, Vivek said food is everyone’s personal choice and he is sad that Ranbir was the target of his old videos.