Urfi Javed shared topless video, upper body covered with ponytail, video viral


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Ever since ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, Urfi Javed (Uorfi Javed) sometimes remains in the discussion about his outspoken statement and sometimes his bold style. Often photos and videos of Urfi Javed go viral and where his fans support him, on the other hand he is also trolled a lot. Urfi has also shared topless photos-videos on Instagram several times and she has done something similar once again. Urfi is seen raising the temperature of Instagram in the latest video.

what is urfi javed new video
Urfi Javed, who is often in discussion about photos and videos on social media, is once again in discussion about her post. Meanwhile, Urfi Javed has shared such a video, in which social media users say that he has crossed the limit. In the video, Urfi Javed is wearing black underwear, while she is not wearing anything on the upper part of the body. Urfi has covered the upper part with a ponytail. Urfi has covered the breast portion with the braid extended braid.

Urfi in discussion about fashion sense
Significantly, Urfi Javed is often in discussion about her clothes. Urfi Javed’s photos and videos are often viral and because of her fashion sense, she has to face not only trolls but also many other problems. Urfi Javed has 4 million followers on Instagram and she herself follows 396 people. Urfi has posted 2150 posts so far.

Wardrobe malfunction doesn’t even matter…
Significantly, Urfi often shares bold and topless photos and videos on social media. About this, she had told Bollywood Hungama, ‘I will not lie, it happens many times. But I feel very comfortable in my body. I’m not ashamed Even if there is a wardrobe malfunction, the hour doesn’t matter to me. Everyone has seen everything. Nothing new like this will be seen. I have the same as you have, just the difference of size.