Urfi Javed is not getting the house, said – both Muslim and Hindu landlords do not want


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Social media influencer Urfi Javed is always in the limelight because of her clothes. Because of this, they have to face trouble many times. Sometimes they are trolled and sometimes they have to go to the police station. Urfi now told that he is not getting a house in Mumbai. She is looking for an apartment to rent. He told that no one is giving him a house because of being a Muslim and because of his clothes.

Is Urfi homeless?
Urfi Javed has told his objection by tweeting. He said that Muslims in Mumbai are not giving houses because of their clothes and Hindu landlords are not giving them houses because they are Muslims. Urfi writes, ‘Muslim landlords are not giving me houses on rent because of the kind of clothes I wear, Hindu landlords are not giving me houses because I am Muslim. Some landlords have a problem with the political threats I receive. It is very difficult to find an apartment on rent in Mumbai.

Urfi upset for not getting home
On Urfi’s tweet, a user said that he too had to face the same. Hope they get home soon. To which Urfi said, ‘Every time this happens, single, Muslim, actress… Because of this it is impossible to find a house.’


what users said
This tweet of Urfi has gone viral. More than 1.5 lakh people have seen this tweet of his. Many users wrote that not giving a house like this is unconstitutional and wrong. Many users started trolling him on this and blamed his clothes.

BJP leader had filed a complaint
Urfi was recently summoned by the Mumbai Police. BJP leader Chitra Wagh had filed a complaint against Urfi. He was accused of spreading obscenity in public places. Later, Urfi lodged a complaint against Chitra Wagh with the Maharashtra State Commission for Women.