Republic Day: ‘There is no greater intoxication than dying at the border…’, these 23 dialogues increase the spirit of patriotism


Republic Day Patriotic dialogues: The pomp of Republic Day is being seen all over the country. From common people to celebs are congratulating each other on social media and celebrating this special day. By the way, whenever the country is mentioned, the enthusiasm automatically gets high. Such powerful dialogues have also been seen in many Bollywood films, which increase the spirit of patriotism. Have a look at some such dialogues….

A soldier never asks what the country has done for him, rather he asks what he can do for the country… Jai Hind. (Pathan)

There is nothing in front of the country, not even yourself. (agreed)

It is easier to give commentary than others, it is even easier to abuse others, if you have problem then change the country, this country is also yours. (rang De Basanti)

I consider my country as my mother and I do not need anyone to save my mother. (Sarfarosh)

In the religion column, we write Indian in bold and capital. (Baby)

I can neither hear nor see the names of the states, I can only hear the name of one country – India. (Pick up India)

You people live here peacefully with the family.. That’s why we die everyday on the border. (holiday)

There is no greater intoxication than dying at the border. (bravery)

This is what happens in war, many innocent people are killed.. but in war nothing else matters except the war (Raji)

Our India was alive, is alive and will be alive. (Gadar a love story)

You will ask for milk, we will give kheer, you will ask for Kashmir, we will tear you apart. (I salute you mother)

This is India of the new era, it will enter the house and will also kill. (Uri: The Surgical Strike)

If they say they will have breakfast in Jaisalmer and dinner in Delhi… then we say we will have breakfast in Karachi and lunch too. (border)

If a man does not die, he dies with his eyes towards the tricolor and thinks when he will be born again for this country. (Jo Bole So Nihal)

From today onwards, the name of the enemy of the country will be written on your every bullet. (border)

Those who give their lives for the country are called martyrs. Those who die for the country are called soldiers, not murderers. (Soldier)

Earning wealth by selling faith, what a human being. If you don’t belong to the country you ate salt, then what a Muslim! (Tehelka)

If you are not a devotee of the country in which you were born, you did not drink mother’s milk, and you do not have father’s blood in you. (Now it is handed over to you, fellow countrymen)

Even now, whose blood does not boil, it is not blood, it is water, which is not useful for the country, it is a wasted youth. (rang De Basanti)

We know how to shake hands as well as shake hands, we worship Gandhiji as well as Chandra Shekhar Azad. I also explain first with love, then with weapons. (Indian)

By going to the mandis of death, they have given bids of their sons. Whenever the country asked for a head, we have given it in abundance. (Now it is handed over to you, fellow countrymen)

Shedding blood is not a big deal, whether it is one’s own or that of the person in front, the big thing is whether a single drop of blood dripping from the body can boil the blood of all the generations to come or not. (The Legend of Bhagat Singh)

No matter how Indian he is, he does not like two things at all. One is defeat in cricket, the other is war on our country. (thorns)

This is the land of bravehearts like Veer Shivaji, Rana Pratap, which Bhagat Singh, Azad, Ashfaq Ullah Khan watered with their blood. No one can break us. We Indians are one and will remain one, and together we will kill each and every enemy of the country- (Crying)