Ponniyin Selvan I Bumper Advance Booking, Weekend Tickets Sold Out

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Mani Ratna’s film Ponniyin Selvan (Ponniyin Selvan: I) is slated to release on September 30. There is good news about the pre-booking of the film. It is said that the tickets for the film have already been booked for a week. Ponniyin Selvan will prove to be the best Tamil movie of this year in terms of first day reservations. In this case, the film gives competition to Kamal Haasan’s film Vikram. In many cities in the South, all shows are fully booked until the weekend.

PS I give competition to Vikram

There is a lot of enthusiasm in people’s minds about Mani Ratnam’s film Ponniyin Selvan. According to trade sources, tickets worth Rs 10 crore have been sold for the Tamil version of the film until Thursday morning. Apart from this, dubbed versions of Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam have pre-booked Rs 1 crore. Kamal Haasan’s film Vikram had a sale of Rs 15.30 crore in advance. The film earned 10 crores on Thursday morning. It is speculated that it may cross Vikram in the remaining days. See Also: Mani Ratnam Asks Plywood Owners, Movie Tickets Sold For Rs 100!

Strong collection from South

Ponnayin Selvan is a Pan India film, but most of the collection is from Tamil Nadu. Only 4% of all bookings are collected outside of Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The Hindi version has earned Rs 18-20 lakh so far. Though Vikram had made a reservation of Rs 27 lakh in the Hindi version on the first day. Although Ponniyin Selvan’s reaction abroad has been huge. Especially in the US. The film has earned 6.8 crores in the US box. At the same time, the $1 million advance is about to hit North America.