Pankaj Tripathi teaches Hindi to fellow stars, said language plays an important role in writing understanding


Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi is also known for strong Hindi with outstanding performance. He also helps his fellow actors correct their Hindi pronunciation. Pankaj believes that acting evolves and develops with mutual synergy. It has its own pleasure to learn from each other. Pankaj Tripathi’s command of Hindi has not only helped him in front of the camera, but has helped him immensely in real life as well. His excellent knowledge of Hindi and dialogues has helped him act as an elocution coach on the sets, especially when working with young actors.

According to a source, the 43-year-old actor always helps his co-stars to correct their pronunciation during filming. And actors are always excited to do something different with their work. He believes that the role of language is most important in understanding the script. Because of this, it helps an actor to better understand his character.

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Pankaj says: “It is very pleasant for an actor to mold himself into a character who comes from another world. Many young actors come from metropolitan cities and have to play roles that are different from the place. So the language of being character can be very different. He admits that most young actors these days take singing and pronunciation coaching all week. When Pankaj shoots a scene with him, he helps him. Pankaj will be seen in many movies this year one after the other He believes: “Acting is a collaborative process. The nice thing about working together is that it stays fun even after the shooting of the film is over.