Mohan Kapoor was accused of sexual harassment by a 15-year-old victim, who said she wanted to commit suicide


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Actor Mohan Kapoor, who worked on the movie Marvel, is in trouble. The actor has been accused of sexual harassment by a 15-year-old girl. The victim shared her experience on social media. He also said that the actor’s ex-partner also knew about it, but he ignored it. He is accused of the latest MeToo. The victim wrote on her social media account, “When I was 14 years old I was a fan of a serial actress and then we became friends. Whoever was Mohan Kapoor’s partner became my friend at that time. I understood them both like other parents and told them about my stressful life. But Mohan Kapoor took advantage of me. We talked a lot but then I notice he is flirting with me. When I turned 15 again, Mohan Kapoor sent me pictures of his genitals. He again apologized to me. I forgave him, but then he harassed me again.

Mohan wanted to get married

Padita further wrote, “Mohan told me that he loves me and wants to marry me. He also said he wants me to grow up fast so I can sleep with him. The victim also said she had become very depressed and wanted to commit suicide. When talking to Mohan about this, he started ignoring the calls.

Mohan Kapoor deactivated his Twitter account after these allegations were made as users repeatedly asked him about it. Mohan has not made any statement on this either.

Mohan’s professional life

Let’s talk about Mohan that he has worked as a voice actor in many films and dubbed many films. He has dubbed the voices of Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hardy, Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan. Apart from this, he has dubbed Doctor Strange’s voice in Hindi.

upcoming movie

Mohan can now be seen in the movie Life Is Good. Jackie Shroff, Rajit Kapoor and Mohan Kapoor play important roles in this movie. The film will be released on December 9 this year. After that, he will work in the Hollywood movie The Marvels. In this film, he plays the character of Yusuf Khan. But let’s see if these allegations against Mohan don’t have a negative effect on his professional life.