Jasleen said about the bias in the music industry – how long can talent be suppressed?


Questions are also being asked in the music industry about the favouritism of singers. Singer Jasleen Royal also agrees. But he thinks artists should focus on their work. She advises other young singers like her to release their songs on the digital platform

After the arrival of Sonu Nigam’s discriminatory video in the music industry, voices are now starting to rise in the industry as well. Industry singers, especially newcomer singer Jasleen Royal, feel there is bias in the industry. “If a label has signed artists, they will favor them,” she says. After all, labels do business with it. There is bias, but you have to keep doing your job. He is known for both Bollywood compositions and independent music. Jasleen likes to stay positive. She says, ‘How long can talent be suppressed?’

Jasleen says, “If you’re confident in your songs, release it online. It will reach the people. It takes time, but this thing will work. There is something wrong with some people. I agree with this point.’

According to Jasleen: ‘There are only four or five people who get the job because they are supported by the label. But social media is a great medium. You can compose and release a song. That’s how I started.

Let’s just report that Jasleen recently sang in her voice the song ‘Lag Ja Gale’ sung by singer Lata Mangeshkar, in which actress Radhika Madan played keyboard. Radhika is my friend, I am her fan. He likes music and poetry.